Advantages of Signing Up for Online Dating Services

Online dating has become popular fast. People who find it difficult to find potential dates in bars or clubs and who can barely carry a social life resort to these online dating services to find prospects. It quickly rose to prominence because of the advantages that it gives to people.
• It’s easier to find the specific type of person that you’re looking for. There are about 3 million people in online dating sites, but you can easily categorize them to narrow your choices down. The best thing about it is that most of these people are searching for someone to be in a relationship with.

• The members that you find are often screened. Since reliable dating sites require subscription before approving of a member, you can find people who can be trusted. Some sites even pre-screen their members thoroughly. These sites usually ask their applicants to fill out an application form and reveal some personal information, such as interests, hobbies, and the type of person that they want to date.
• Dating sites allow members to express themselves better. You can create a profile that shows a more personal side of yourself, which might attract people who match your preferences.
• Online dating sites are available 24/7. It doesn’t matter when your free time is when you can date whenever you like. That’s what online dating services are here for. You can date even in the middle of the night, provided the other person is also willing to match your free time online.
• Free dating services are now available. These are perfect for people who simply want to try their luck with online dating, but who don’t want to spend anything on the sites. If they want to go exclusive and avail of better features from the dating sites, they will also have the option to sign up for a paid account later.…

A few secrets to long term relationship success

Happiness is the reason why people want to be in love and in a relationship. If being with a person makes your life slower, makes your aches and pains last longer, make your emotional downers more difficult to bounce back from, makes your career slow down, your plans delayed, your vision extends out for more years, why remain in a committed relationship with that person?
We have to recognize here that relationships are based on getting what we want. They are all about love and attraction too, we will discuss that soon enough, but at the core essence of human existence at the most spiritual levels of heart and soul is, yes, getting what we want. The more we have, in whatever form, the more we can contribute. Nobody wakes up wanting less – (unless it’s stress).

Relationships succeed because you are getting what you want when you want it, and you’re getting it more, and faster than you were before. And, yes, I hear the negative implication of orgasms and so on, well think it through before you shoot the messenger. Do you think, you will remain happy in a relationship if you can get sex faster and easier with a stranger than you can with your partner? People do not gravitate to hard work or more difficult.
A comparison is Nature. Nature compares, so do you. The minute you compare your partner to another person and think that the other person would be a better partner than the one you’re with, you’re unhappy. And that’s the end of it.
A comparison is critical but the outcome is not predetermined. It’s you. If you’re generous, positive, kind and appreciative of your partner every other person who comes into range of sight, touch, smell, thought, sound, tastes must be subordinate to them. That is it, your partner is BETTER than all you’re other options and you do have many including being single.
Compromise means others would be better and that’s the most relationship killing, libido depreciating, personally rejecting, heart closing, headbanging state of mind a human can bring to another person. You’re second best and I’m prepared to suffer it. That’s compromise, and it’s the first nail in the coffin of happiness.
The relationship you are in has to be perceived as far superior to anything else. If you perceive being single as better than this relationship, then you’re depreciating the person you’re with and hurting them subconsciously. If you’re thinking that compromise is ok, then just wait and see how those thoughts eventually sabotage your relationship.
We all know that “making someone happy” is impossible. An unhappy person is unhappy and no relationship on earth is going to change that, right? Are we on the same page? Most people think a relationship is going to make them happy, but that’s a week, month or a year at the tops. Unhappy people are unhappy, in and out of a relationship. Oh, and by the way, happy people don’t get unhappy because of the relationship. The fact is some people just don’t know how unhappy they are until they get into a relationship that cuts off their escape routes.
So, here’s the real rub for long-term relationship success in happiness: YOU have to be happy. Not your partner, not your relationship, that’s nothing to do with it. YOU have to be happy and the most important thing you have to be happy about is nothing.
Now, you might be confused, so, here’s a bit more information on this. Being happy because you get, got, have, or had something is physical and understandable so let’s label that pleasure. The pleasure of the physical nature can come and go, as we all know. So, it’s really dumb to label HAPPY with the derivation of pleasure. If pleasure comes and goes, then so will our happiness. We’re like a donkey chasing a carrot on a stick or a cat chasing its tail. This is a definite burnout model for relationships.…

Thailand’s Koh Samui Beaches

Koh Samui’s Big Buddha beach is an attractive and quiet alternative to the busy bustle of Chaweng beach. There’s a small, calm bay sheltered by headlands at each end of the beach, with stretches of sand alternating with rocks and rock pools. At three kilometres long this is a pleasant variation on the usual bland strip of beach providing a variety of choices which include snorkeling, rock walking and exploring. Big Buddha beach is shallow and slopes slowly out to sea with no sudden tides, making it perfect for dipping and for families with children.
Big Buddha beach has its good and bad points, so take your pick! It’s very quiet which means peaceful but also means that there’s not a big selection of bars, restaurants or nightlife. But the area is noted for its inexpensive eateries, most of which speacialise in freshly-caught seafood.
There’s quite a lot of sea traffic, picturesque fishing boats and longtails included. But it’s also right next to Koh Samui’s airport, although most people enjoy watching the planes coasting in at low-level to land. You’ll be pleased to know that air traffic is minimal!
There’s a wide choice of accommodation on Big Buddha beach, ranging from inexpensive guesthouses to up-market villas, and there’s usually rooms available, even in the high season. Big Buddha now has a new and modern ferry pier, with shops, bistros and cafes around it, and regular runs each day to the nearby island of Koh Phangan. And all this is not far away from the intriguing Big Buddha fish and fruit market.
Sprinkled around Big Buddha beach, you’ll find internet cafes, tour and travel shops, ATM machines, and several small convenience stores, such as 7-11. Plus, of course, the array of small food stalls, shops, cafes and souvenirs that are to be found at the Big Buddha Temple itself.
Around the Big Buddha beach area Yellow taxis are plentiful, and during the day you’ll see ‘˜song thiews’ (open pick-up taxis) passing every 20-30 minutes. Heading east from the Big Buddha beach area will take you to the small and sleepy Choeng Mon beach, and continuing in this direction will lead to Chaweng beach, which is 6 or 7 kilometres from Big Buddha beach. Going in the opposite direction (west) quickly leads to the adjoining Bank Rak beach where there are two kilometres of end-to-end restaurants, bars, shops and resorts. And, continuing on from this, it’s not far to the delightful Bo Phut beach.
Jeep and motorbike hire is cheap and readily available, and one huge plus for the Big Buddha beach area is that it is quiet and uncrowded, and so much safer and less stressful for driving than many other places on Koh Samui. For more information on the Big Buddha beach area check with your resort / hotel they’ll no doubt be pleased to help.
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A few reasons why men leave relationships

The beauty of beginning a relationship is often so stimulating and enlivening that one barely gives a thought about the possibility of a breakup later in the course of the relationship. As the saying goes, “Everything that has a beginning has an end.” and so it is with a majority of relationships, but certainly not all. However, there are reasons considered to be likely causes of relationship failures and in this article we will be looking at why men often leave relationships.
There are many reasons that might be given as to why many men leave relationships and at times these relationships are those ones that can be categorized as blissful to say the least. So why would men leave that type of a relationship or any other relationship for that matter?
To start with there is the most fundamental issue of the man himself in the relationship being the instrumental factor for his leaving the relationship. These causes may revolve around his inner needs, conflicts and aspirations and not necessarily have anything to do with the woman. These personal factors play a more major role in why men often leave relationships and the other reasons can be adduced to come from the woman and various external factors. Below you’ll find a few of the most common reasons that a man will leave a relationship.

He hasn’t gotten over a previous relationship. This is perhaps a huge issue with some men that might have been deeply involved in a past loving relationship they considered to be perfect for certain reasons but which unfortunately came to an end. The memories, dreams and longings of such a relationship may still be lingering with them and whenever they are in a new relationship they always wish they could re-enact those exact experiences in the new relationship.
Some men can hold unto the memory of a former lover or wife so intensely that they idealize her so much that it prevents them from ever being able to appreciate and love someone else. They feel sort of comfortable in the safety of the memory they have of their past relationship than for them to attempt a new relationship.
They have a fear of commitment. Again, a very good reason why men leave relationships is because of their own fear of commitment to another person. They value their freedom so much that they are not ready to relinquish it for any reason and for nobody for that matter.
This fear of commitment makes most men feel that they would be losing the stimulation, adventure and freedom of being on their own. Some need the challenge of and adventure most new relationship provides and would not like to feel stifled or trapped in any way.
They have demanding, clingy or emotionally unstable partners. Men in general do not like women who are over demanding and arrogant. Although men love women who are independent and confident in themselves, they feel used when a woman attempts to or takes over control of the relationship. This kind of emotional distress can so easily make the man to leave the relationship.
Also, when a lady wants to always be around her man and not give him enough breathing space to have a life outside the relationship; and she appears to take the relationship as her sole source of happiness, then inadvertently the man will feel pretty entangled and would want out of such relationship.…

Who Is Your Ideal Lover?

What type of partner are you looking for in life?
Are you looking for someone who is perfect? When you ask people what do they look for in a lover, they will usually say someone who looks good, someone who is kind, someone who is sweet. But when looking for a partner in life, what characteristic or characteristics, should really matter?
After being heartbroken from my previous relationships and now in a happy relationship, I have came to realize what truly matters in choosing who you want to spend the rest of your life with. Looks matter, it depends on a person’s preference. But what do you really think matters in choosing the right one?
Based on my experience, I have realized that what truly matters in looking for love is that the person must show not just love to mme, but must also show respect to everyone.
For you, does respect matter?…