One of the problems that all girls with PCOS is the unwanted hair. Some of them will experience mustache, and hairy legs. That is a big NO NO for girls especially when they are not used to the feeling. It feels awkward.

To answer the question if it is okay to undergo laser hair removal treatment if you have PCOS, No it is not okay. Why is it not okay? It is because you are just wasting your money and effort.  The process is useless.  If you will not treat your PCOS, then your unwanted hairs will just be there. You will live by it.…

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Are you a developer or not? If not, are you planning to one? If the answer is a big YES then you should know what to use. Will you use NOTEPAD over NOTEPAD ++? Let me enlighten your thoughts.

Notepad is just plain and simple. If you are a starter, then I suggest that you try notepad first. As the process gets higher, then I suggest that you must use NOTEPAD ++ for a newer version and new work environment. Notepad ++ is a great tool which can help you in many ways. It is best used if you want to be a web developer someday.

There’s no bias here dude. If you don’t agree, then you must try it yourself.…

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Therapeutic Relationship in Health Care

A therapeutic relationship involves respect, empathy and genuineness. The relationship should be person centered; allowing the service user to be at the core of their care plans, their beliefs and wishes must be respected at all times. Those involved in the therapeutic relationship should always show genuineness and hold non-judgmental attitudes towards each other.

Trust in Health Care Providers

Genuineness is based on the ability of the practitioner to be open with his patient. It will help to reassert the patient as the center of the treatment and promote the patients trust in the practitioner and his treatments. The people have the right and the duty to participate individually and collectively in the planning and implementation of their treatment. Patients themselves value therapeutic relationships which offer respect, trust and care and it seems that such relationships may in themselves prove to be healing in the broadest sense.…

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A Place in the Class

Does this sport fit me? What if I don’t like it? This is always the questions that bother me; this is because I am not that kind of person that really into sports.

So during physical education, I am kind of out of place in discussions but still I am trying to understand those so that I will get used in sports because there is a majority of my classmates that is engaged in sports. Because of this, I feel like I am left out but I am now practicing sports like badminton and volleyball, at least I am now welcome to the group.

I learned that even though you are not into those things, try learning them maybe one day you will realize that the things you are not really in the past are now among the things  you  love doing and among those you look forward in doing each day…

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